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Bucket Saga Begins!

We spent our last pandemic year restoring a converted lifeboat, and this past summer reaped our rewards bobbing around Puget Sound. Click here to follow our new adventure, in our restored old lifeboat.

Dave told me once, upon selling our first boat, Moulin Rouge in Turkey back in 1994, that he heard a door slam shut. Years later, when we bought Baraka, the boat that carried us around the world, Dave told me he could hear a door open. Good to remember this - and think of each ending as a beginning, too.

Baraka Saga Ends

We are grieved and delighted to announce that Baraka now has new owners.

This was a very emotional goodbye for both of us. She has served us magnificently, and we could not have imagined a more comfortable or safer boat to carry us so far. We will miss the thousands of quiet nights swinging at anchor, tucked inside tropical reefs, and the hundreds of nights socializing with friends from many countries in her cockpit. We'll miss the chuckle of water running by her hull, the easy cadence of her motion, and the clouds scudding by on long passages. We know this closes a huge chapter of our lives that we cannot repeat, and we find ourselves in mourning, though so grateful we got to have this adventure together.

Baraka is a Slocum 43' sailboat from Seattle. We set sail westabout in 2006. In 2014 we completed our 8-year circumnavigation, across the South Pacific, through SE Asia, across the Indian Ocean, around South Africa, up the southern Atlantic, through the Canal, then home by way of Galapagos, Marquesas and Hawaii. The next couple years we cruised home waters - British Columbia and SE Alaska.

Here's the big picture, a world map of our circumnavigation on Baraka.

Baraka for sale at Cap Sante
Baraka for sale at Cap Sante

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