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fall 2003

Captain Kelly

In the Fall of 2003 we enjoyed a maiden voyage on our new-to-us Slocum 43, Baraka. It was a chance to evaluate the boat's systems and equipment, and revisit our favorite local cruising ground. Our niece joined us the first day for an easy sail to Kingston.

Port Townsend is a favorite stop. It's a picturesque (and touristed) town at the corner of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Puget Sound, full of books stores, good restaurants, and marine supplies of every kind. It is also home to a wonderful wooden boat festival, as well as kayak, music, art, and film events. Something's always happening in PT.

Port Townsend in early morning fog

The Wooden Boat Festival is a treat. Ships of every size skillfully thread their way through the crowded anchorage.

Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival

Crossing the Strait

Juan de Fuca can be boisterous, but this time we slipped easily across.

Dave at the wheel

Gulf Islands

After an easy clearing into Canada at Bedwell Harbor, we sailed north through the lovely Gulf Islands. This is some of the best cruising ground in the world, wonderful anchorages, excellent parks, gorgeous views in protected waters.

Exploring Wallace Island

This whole island is a park. No development, and no access unless you come by private boat or kayak.

South Wallace Island

Stern tied to shore, Wallace Island

Lace Rocks

We worked our way north to Nanaimo

Newcastle is a favorite stop. The island is a provincial park, situated across from historic Nanaimo, a Hudson Bay trading post and early settlement. Newcastle was named for its coal mines, and was also a source of grist stones. There is a grist stone graveyard to explore, and beautul hikes.

Newcastle Island Anchorage

Riding Sail

We like using the riding sail at anchor. It keeps us pointed nicely into the wind. We are still working out the connection points.

Crab Feast

The best restaurant in town.

Cockpit dinner

Strait of Georgia

After a day of exploring Newcastle and Nanaimo, we are ready for a brisk sail down the Strait of Georgia.

Chef Dave with headlamp barbequing

More Gulf Islands scenery

Son Joel joined us in Victoria for the last 2 days of the trip.

Joel and guitar

A penny is found

We hid pennies for Joel to find again in 30 countries. This was an early one - hidden at Roche Harbor when he was 1 1/2 years old, and found when he was 25.

Wing on wing

Final leg home down Puget Sound, we got to sail wing on wing. It looks like the cameraman is heeled to port.

Great trip! I think we'll keep the boat. And the crew.

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