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impressions of australia...

As we wander up Queensland inside the Great Barrier Reef, we are struck by the diversity of things that can harm you. Not just injure, but kill you outright! We love to go ashore and find neat hikes on these pretty islands. Everywhere we find signs warning of the local hazards. Here are some of our favorites.

Fraser Island Dingo warning...

,,,and one for crocodiles.

Sign at our anchorage.

Cyclone warning.

Don't sit under the cocnut trees.

Give snakes a wide berth.

Watch your step on trails.

Deadly jellyfish may be present.

Enjoy Picnic Bay...

Halifax Bay has bombing practices.

Instructions for stinger injury: don't pull stingers off, neutralize with vinegar, call for help. Australia has a number of stinging jellyfish varieties, two of which can be deadly. Swimming beaches are netted for sharks and stingers, though stingers may slip through. We have been advised to wear full-body lycra stinger suits if we swim.

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